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Key constituents of the program

Foundation courses

Foundation courses

A set of courses crafted to take a liberal approach to help students develop crucial 21st-century skills and cognitive abilities in both professional and personal life.

Skilling Courses

Skilling Courses

Courses oriented towards MERN Stack Development, that start with basic programming eventually lead to high-level product development.

Academic Courses

Academic Courses

Designed to inculcate strong foundational knowledge in computer science, these courses are thoughtfully crafted to impart the concepts, their applications, and practical labs associated with them.

Integrated work

Integrated work

Relevant work experience in global tech companies where students gain real-world application development expertise, workplace exposure, and industry-ready skills.

Key milestones

Delivery Powered by Quadrangle

A proprietary learning ecosystem that offers an immersive learning experience, with interactive lessons, teacher-student interactions, mini-projects, challenging labs, and more.

Delivery Powered by Quadrangle

Offers outcomes-focussed rich analytics that gives the right insights to guide students better - eliminating any subjectivity.

Delivery Powered by Quadrangle

Facilitates work integration into the program and gives all the necessary performance and productivity metrics.

Delivery Powered by Quadrangle


Average salary in comparison with regular graduates

₹8.2 Lakh

Average earning potential through work before graduation


Tuition recuperation before graduating through work earning

Accredited Degrees
from Top Universities

The Kalvi Liberal Engineering Degree programs are offered in partnership with some of the Top Universities in the country and across the world

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