No. Kalvi’s B.Tech degree is currently a full-time on-campus program. We have partnered with some of the top accredited universities in the country and our program is currently available in,
  • Lovely Professional University, Punjab
  • Parul University, Vadodara
  • For more information, check out the Program page.

    Yes. The Kalvi powered B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering is a 4-year degree that includes 3 years of work-integrated learning. To know more about the program, click here.

    Kalvi partners with the country’s top accredited universities, ensuring the degree is approved by University Grants Commission (UGC).

    The degree is presented to the student by the partner university.

    The Kalvi powered B.Tech program is offered in collaboration with the country’s top accredited universities and is currently available in association with: Lovely Professional University (LPU), Punjab Parul University, Vadodara Note: All universities follow the same curriculum as powered by Kalvi.

    Yes. Students can pick their choice of campus during the application process.


  • The tuition fee for Lovely Professional University is INR 2,50,000 per semester.
  • The tuition fee for Parul University, Vadodara is INR 2,50,000 per semester.
  • Note: Extra charges on examination, boarding, and lodging are applicable as per the university guidelines. Kindly refer to the official website of the partner universities for additional information.

    Yes, scholarships are offered up to INR 50,000 per semester. The amount may vary depending upon the university the student opts for.

    All candidates are eligible to apply for scholarships offered up to INR 50,000 per semester. The scholarship approval criterion shall vary upon the choice of the partner university.

    Kalvi at the moment does not provide education loans for the program, but students are requested to enquire about the same with our partner universities at the time of admission.


    Kalvi’s application form is available for a fee of INR 999

    Yes. Upon completion of the application, you will be presented with various online payment methods such as Credit/Debit Card, UPI, and Net Banking services

    Banks usually take up to 3-4 business days to credit back the money to the source account. In case of further queries, please get in touch with your respective bank branch.

    No. The application fee is non-refundable once paid.

    Students require a scanned copy of any government authorized identification and a passport size photograph for the Kalvi application.

    Application forms for the Kalvi-powered B.Tech program are currently available on www.kalvieducation.com . However, admission to the program is subject to the availability of the seats. Seats are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

    No. The application form is made available only on the official website of Kalvi and our partner universities.


    Kalvi has general eligibility criteria of 60% in 10th or equivalent and 60% in 12th or equivalent with a major in Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. English should be the medium of instruction.

    Yes. You can apply for Kalvi’s program by clicking on the link attached. Apply now!

    The program is currently a full-time on-campus program that requires a student’s presence in person.

    The Kalvi-powered B.Tech program requires Physics, Chemistry, and Maths as core eligibility subjects. As a commerce student, you will NOT be eligible for admission.

    The Kalvi-powered B.Tech program requires Physics, Chemistry, and Maths as core eligibility subjects. As a biology student, you may be eligible for admission depending upon your chosen electives.

    No. All admissions to the program are merit-based only.

    No. All admissions to the program are merit-based only.

    No. However, if the partner university mandates an age limit, the candidate must adhere to it.

    No. Kalvi’s program is a full-time 4-year on-campus program.

    No. Kalvi follows its entrance test known as the ‘Kalvi Quotient (KQ) Challenges’. Your JEE score does not apply to our B.Tech program.


    Kalvi’s entrance test, Kalvi Quotient (KQ) Challenges, is designed to test a student’s theoretical and cognitive skills. It is the only entrance test applicable to Kalvi’s B.Tech program.

    No, the Kalvi Quotient entrance test is a part of the application process and every applicant will have access to the same. Practice tests are available too before taking up the entrance test.

    The Kalvi Quotient is an online entrance test that is part of the student’s application process. Students can appear for the test through their individual applications at their ease.

    Yes. To secure your admission to the program, it is mandatory to take the Kavi Quotient (KQ) test.

    The student will receive an email on their registered ID in 7-10 working days informing them of their Kalvi Quotient (KQ) test results.

    Upon clearing the Kalvi Quotient (KQ) test and depositing the program fee, the partner university will confirm student admission.


    No, Kalvi is not a residential campus. We offer the program in collaboration with top accredited universities. However, students can log reach out to the partner university’s official websites or admissions team for more information.

    No. Students have to carry their laptops and learning devices.

    Kalvi offers one-on-one personal mentorship from experts in the field of study as part of the program. This enables students to grow to become their best versions and nurtures them professionally to become industry leaders in the future.

    Kalvi offers the program in collaboration with top accredited universities. The teaching faculty from our partner universities will represent Kalvi for the program. Apart from this the program also includes guest faculty consisting of subject matter experts and industry leaders who’ve been brought aboard to deliver the best learning experience for the students.

    No. Being a Kalvi candidate, you’ll follow a different work-integrated curriculum. Apart from that, students can participate in all college and university activities and network with their peers.

    Yes. University activities are open to all students, including Kalvi program candidates.

    Yes. All Kalvi students are eligible for student benefit programs offered by the partner universities.


    Kalvi is backed by some of the biggest names in the tech industry and offers final year placements from global tech companies, which in turn helps students kickstart their careers at a 3x better pay package than their peers.

    Kalvi houses an exhaustive list of global tech companies as our recruitment partners which include well-known brands like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Cred, Flipkart, Yellow AI, IZooto, Genspark, SenseHawk, etc. offering placement opportunities to students at the end of the 1st year.

    Yes. Kalvi candidates are essentially students of the partner university. Therefore, if a company comes for students of LPU or Parul University, you are eligible to interview.

    Yes, Kalvi houses an exhaustive list of global tech companies as our recruitment partners and will be made available to all the students in the program.

    Yes. Kalvi offers campus placements by the end of 1st year with global Tech companies such as Microsoft, Google, CRED, Flipkart, PhonePe, OYO, BYJU’s, and Udaan.

    Kalvi students graduate in 4 years being industry-ready with 3 years of relevant work experience. This puts them 3x ahead of their peers giving them the potential to earn a much higher salary package in comparison.


    Kalvi’s work-integrated learning program help students set higher career aspirations and nurture them towards that from the 1st year of study. Students are offered placement opportunities with global tech companies as part of the curriculum and in addition, get stipend potential up to 8 Lakhs helping them become financially independent.

    With Kalvi’s unique work-integrated curriculum students get exposure to real-world work experience by working at global tech companies from the end of 1st year. Students are required to dedicate a defined amount of hours per week to learning and working and are also offered competitive stipends for the same.


    Yes. Students are offered stipends up to 8 Lakhs in Kalvi’s work-integrated B.Tech program.

    The curriculum mandates an average of 45 hours of learning + work per week. Below is a low-fid graphic for the same:

    The Kalvi-powered B.Tech curriculum has been designed to ensure that students can attend classes, dedicate designated work hours, and experience college life without feeling stressed out.

    Students will go through the placement process at the end of 1st year. The work-integrated learning is part of the credit system of the program. Kalvi will extend support by helping students with:
  • Preparation for the placement interviews
  • Landing internships with partner companies
  • Professional mentorship helps ensure industry required results
  • No. Kalvi’s work-integrated learning B.Tech program mandates specific working hours for every student. The work experience includes credits that are compulsory to the curriculum.


    For all additional queries, you can write to contactus@kalvieducation.com .